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By Lawyers is an online publishing company providing online legal guides and precedents for lawyers and conveyancers.

By Lawyers was born out of the desire to make the practice of law easier, safer and more profitable for small law firms. We are now Australia’s leading publisher of practical legal guides, written by lawyers, for lawyers.

There are many publications about the law, but many of them are written by academics with little practical day to day application. By Lawyers publications are written to assist lawyers with their day to day practice by guiding them through matters from start to the finish.

Every piece of By Lawyers content is written or reviewed by a solicitor or barrister with experience in that area of law.

Our publications include over 15,000 precedents, 140 end-to-end matter guides and 13 reference manuals.

A By Lawyers publication is:

  • A practical commentary on the law;
  • A detailed and sequential matter plan managing the matter from getting the matter underway through to finalisation; and
  • A comprehensive library of precedents including all of the everyday letters, the detailed precedents, and all the forms you need to conduct such a matter.

At the top of each publication 'Guides in this publication' shows all available guides and the Matter Plan shows the precedents, forms and commentaries included in each guide.

Our team reviews and updates our content to reflect legislative changes on a daily basis. We are also constantly adding new precedents and matter commentary to enrich our publications.

Our users can always be confident that they’re working with the latest forms, precedents and matter commentary.

To see recent publication updates, please visit our News & Updates page.

Our News & Updates page is the news, legal and publication updates platform for the By Lawyers community. When By Lawyers publications are updated to reflect changes in the law or practice, a post is added to News & Updates. Subscribers can review updates on News & Updates or register to receive an email with posts in relevant areas of law and practice on a weekly basis.

Everyone in the office can use the By Lawyers publications, from the principal and partners to the conveyancers and the paralegals. By Lawyers publications help practices to better manage their files, getting every matter started properly, ensuring every step of a typical matter is considered, and every matter is finalized and billed, with strong client communications throughout the process.

Support staff find the publications useful with principals and partners able to delegate work more easily. Staff can quickly and easily see what they need to do.

Inexperienced staff find the By Lawyers publications very practical and informative to support them through. Whether they are new to the law, new to that type of matter, or it has just been a long time since they last managed one of those matters.

Law students love By Lawyers as the publications provide access to practical information which the theory in a text book does not.

Lastly administration and accounting staff find the Practice Management publication and the plethora of support materials from accounting to human resources to a staff manual and more, an invaluable resource.

Practice management and risk management have never been so easy.

We have an in-house team of solicitors and other support staff as well as more than 30 practising solicitor/barrister authors from around the country. To learn more, please visit our Authors page.

LEAP is an easy to use software application that auto-fills By Lawyers precedents. It saves firms significant time in data entry by pre-filling forms that are otherwise filled in manually. To find out more, please visit LEAP.