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TAC Claims and Personal Injury VIC

This bundle includes guides from the following two publications.

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TAC Claims VIC 

This guide assists practitioners to advise and represent clients who are injured in transport accidents and have a right to claim through the Transport Accident Commission in Victoria. 

The comprehensive and easy to follow guide includes over 75 precedents and assists practitioners to comply with the strict time limits, obtain proper instructions, gather necessary information, lodge the claim and resolve it by settlement or commencing court proceedings.

Precedents provided with this publication include:

    • Various letters to client explaining the process at each stage

    • Gathering information letters to client/employer/TAC/relevant authorities et cetera

    • Example statement of claim for common law damages

Personal Injury VIC 

A comprehensive guide to advising and representing clients with common law personal injury claims under the Wrongs Act, with all commonly required forms and precedents. 

This valuable publication is a companion to the County and Supreme Court guides and allows practitioners to confidently assist injured clients to assert their rights.

The easy to follow commentary covers all aspects of claims, including:

    • The principles of negligence

    • Preparing and commencing claims

    • Guidance on lay and expert evidence

    • Documenting settlements

The publication also includes all commonly required precedents, including:

    • Correspondence, including initial letter to defendant seeking information

    • Gathering information letters to client/insurer/relevant authorities et cetera

    • Medical authorities

    • Instructions to settle

    • Example content for schedule of damages and issues

Guides in this publication