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Practice Management

This treasure trove of guidance, practical tips and valuable insights, provides everything a lawyer needs to organise and run an efficient, profitable and enjoyable legal practice.

The detailed commentary contains a wealth of knowledge on most aspects of legal practice, including:

  • ethics;

  • the solicitor/client relationship;

  • the employer/employee relationship;

  • matter management tools;

  • risk management issues;

  • client communications;

  • costs disclosure and billing;

  • employment including recruitment, training and retention; and

  • financial management.

This publication can help firms make money – and reduce the stress levels of all team members.

The practice management guide is an excellent starting point for those interested in creating a strategic business plan for a new or existing law firm.

Also included is our comprehensive Legal Practice Health Check Tool, which allows a firm to readily assess its current performance and set goals for future development.

The related Reference Manual 101 Staff Handbook contains most of the policies and procedures a small law firm will need. Adopt these policies completely or use them as a framework to establish your own.

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