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County Court Civil VIC, Conveyancing VIC and Employment Law

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications.

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1. County Court Civil VIC

This comprehensive and easy to follow publication provides commentary and precedents for the conduct of County Court proceedings when acting for either a plaintiff or defendant and includes a supplementary enforcement guide, demonstrating the use of precedents guide and 101 subpoena answers reference manual.

From letters of demand and offers of compromise to final hearing, appeals and enforcement, this publication provides focused and practical guidance on procedure and documents and is a must-have for all lawyers acting for clients in the County Court. 

Popular precedents provided with this guide include:

    • Library of letters of demand and example response to letter of demand

    • Example offer of compromise and Calderbank offer

    • Library of example consent orders

    • Example content for seeking injunctive relief

    • Example terms of settlement

    • Example deeds of release

    • Library of events for initiating application

    • Example defence

    • Example content for substituted service, and amending initiating application

    • Example content for interlocutory steps including cross claim, defence to cross claim, summary judgment, summary dismissal, consolidation, security for costs, default judgment, and notice of discontinuance – content for both application and affidavits in support

    • Example interrogatories, and content for setting aside subpoenas and notices to produce

    • Example letter instructing expert witness and enclosing Expert Witness Code of Conduct

2. Conveyancing VIC

A complete matter-management solution allowing conveyancers and support staff to run a busy conveyancing practice. Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with easy access to all required precedents and a simple but comprehensive commentary. Includes the By Lawyers Contract of Sale of Land.

Commentary covers all issues that arise regularly and more complex issues that arise from time to time. The publication includes our reference manuals 1001 Conveyancing Answers, 101 Section 32 Answers and 101 Section 27 Answers.

Popular precedents include:

    • Contract of sale of land – By Lawyers

    • Letter to council with outstanding rates and notice of acquisition

    • Letter to water authority with outstanding rates and notice of acquisition

    • Initial letter to purchaser

    • Letter to vendor's solicitor with adjustments

    • Letter to vendor enclosing transfer and goods declaration

    • Direction to pay to purchaser's solicitor

    • Letter to purchaser after settlement

    • General advice to purchaser

    • Letter to discharging mortgagee requesting discharge

    • Contract of Sale of Real Estate 

3. Employment Law

This comprehensive and easy to follow guide provides a full overview of employment law, allowing you to confidently advise your clients on the operation of the system and their options.

All commonly required contracts, precedents and documentation are included.

The commentary includes:

    • The differences between employees and contractors

    • Performance Management and termination

    • Redundancy

    • Restraints of trade 

 Precedents include:

    • Various employment agreements including individual, executive and casual

    • Various non-employment agreements including contractor agreements and service agreements

    • Various disciplinary related precedents including letter of warning to employee and letter of suspension

    • Various unfair dismissal precedents – acting for employer and employee

    • Deed of settlement – Redundancy