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NSW Conveyancing, QLD Conveyancing and NSW Wills

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications.

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NSW Conveyancing

A complete matter-management solution which allows solicitors, conveyancers and support staff to run a busy conveyancing practice. Includes the By Lawyers Contract for Sale of Land.

Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with easy access to all of the required precedents and a simple but comprehensive commentary. The publication includes the reference materials ‘1001 Conveyancing Answers’, ‘A full description of the sale process in NSW’ and ‘A full description of the purchase process in NSW’. 

Popular precedents include:

    • Contract for sale of land – By Lawyers

    • Order on the agent 

    • Letter to vendor's solicitor with settlement adjustments and requesting payment directions

    • Detailed cover sheet - Purchase of real property 

    • Section 66W certificate 

    • Direction to pay to purchaser’s solicitor

    • Notice to complete

    • Contract for sale of land – Law Society

    • Letter to vendor's solicitor submitting transfer

    • Settlement instructions mortgagee

QLD Conveyancing 

A complete matter management solution so that conveyancers and support staff can run a busy conveyancing practice. Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with all of the required precedents and commentary in the one place. 

Commentary covers issues that arise regularly and the more complex issues that arise from time to time. Includes reference manual, 1001 Conveyancing Answers.

Some of the most popular precedents included in this publication:

    • Letter to seller's solicitor submitting transfer

    • Letter to buyer's solicitor returning signed transfers

    • Settlement notice

    • Letter to buyer after settlement

    • Initial letter to seller's solicitor

    • Disclosure notice

    • Order on the agent

    • Letter to buyer enclosing CSA and disclosure notice

    • Letter to council paying rates

    • Settlement instructions sale with mortgagee

    • Client service agreement (CSA)

NSW Wills

This valuable and thorough publication allows the practitioner to take instructions using a comprehensive and methodical instruction sheet then prepare wills, powers of attorney and powers of enduring guardian with confidence, whether for a single client or for complex families and including where the clients have an extensive or complicated asset portfolio. 

Precedents include various ways to deal with blended families, superannuation death benefits and rights to occupy.

Commentary includes discussion of the tax treatment of superannuation, the use of testamentary trusts, family provision considerations and dealing with assets in multiple jurisdictions.

Take the worry and risk out of will drafting and maximise its value to your practice by using our excellent and easy to follow publication.