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A complete matter-management solution allowing conveyancers and support staff to run a busy conveyancing practice. Each step in the transaction is set out in sequential order with easy access to all required precedents and a simple but comprehensive commentary. 

Commentary covers all issues that arise regularly and more complex issues that arise from time to time. 

Recent updates can be viewed at Obiter - News & Updates, via the link above.

Some of the most popular precedents in this publication include:

    • Settlement Statement

    • Letter to vendor after settlement

    • Letter to purchaser after settlement

    • Settlement instructions - Sale with a mortgagee

    • Initial letter to purchaser

    • Letter to council with payment of outstanding rates and notice of change of ownership

    • Irrevocable authority

    • Letter to agent after settlement

    • Put and call option

    • Authority to solicitor to forward deeds

    • Costs agreement