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Trade Marks and Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Superannuation

Trade Marks

A comprehensive and practical guide which allows a legal practitioner who may not specialise in this area to confidently advise and represent clients who wish to register a trade mark or who have infringement or compliance issues. Use our comprehensive Retainer Instructions and To Do List to ensure that all information is collected and the client is properly advised.

The clear and comprehensive commentary assists practitioners to navigate the registration process and deal with IP Australia including lodging applications on line, from pre-application requirements, determining the right class of trade mark and objections, through to actions for infringement and possible alternate actions for passing-off or misleading and deceptive conduct.

Some of the most popular precedents in this publication include:

    • Letter to client re search results and advice

    • Letter to client in anticipation no objection

    • Letter to client application accepted for publication

    • Letter to IP Australia if lodging hardcopy application

    • Intellectual property licence

Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Superannuation

This valuable publication provides a simple guide to companies, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures and superannuation, with all commonly required documents, allowing you to advise and service your clients with confidence.

Superannuation is explained simply and comprehensively, and is accompanied by a full suite of precedents, including everything needed to set-up, run and amend a self managed superannuation fund.

The commentary provides a tax and succession planning overview sufficient for most circumstances found in general practice.

Recent updates can be viewed on Obiter - our News & Updates site. 

Some of the most popular precedents included in this publication:

    • Comparative table of business structures

    • Limited recourse borrowing documentation

    • Company constitution

    • Company resolution

    • Shareholder agreement (long and short forms)

    • Agreement for sale of shares

    • SMSF trust deed and rules

    • Binding death benefit nomination

    • Unit trust

    • Discretionary trust deed

    • Hybrid trust

    • Joint venture agreement

    • Partnership agreement

    • Put and Call option

    • Charitable trust