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Bankruptcy & Liquidation, Companies and Supreme Court Civil VIC

This bundle includes guides from the following three publications.

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Bankruptcy and Liquidation

A useful publication for those who do not practise regularly in this area of law but need to advise clients generally on the workings of insolvency law for individuals and companies. 

Precedents include:

    • Initial letter to debtor client with explanation of bankruptc

    • Example content for an application for winding up

    • Example content for affidavit in support of application for winding up

    • Example content for an application to set aside a statutory demand

    • Example content for an affidavit in support of setting aside a statutory demand

Companies, Trusts, Partnerships and Superannuation

This valuable publication provides a simple guide to companies, trusts, partnerships, joint ventures and superannuation, with all commonly required documents, allowing you to advise and service your clients with confidence.

Superannuation is explained simply and comprehensively, and is accompanied by a full suite of precedents, including everything needed to set-up, run and amend a self managed superannuation fund.

The commentary provides a tax and succession planning overview sufficient for most circumstances found in general practice.

Some of the most popular precedents included in this publication:

  • Comparative table of business structures

  • Limited recourse borrowing documentation

  • Company constitution

  • Company resolution

  • Shareholder agreement (long and short forms)

  • Agreement for sale of shares

  • SMSF trust deed and rules

  • Binding death benefit nomination

  • Unit trust

  • Discretionary trust deed

  • Hybrid trust

  • Joint venture agreement

  • Partnership agreement

  • Put and Call option

  • Charitable trust

Supreme Court Civil VIC

This comprehensive and easy to follow publication provides commentary and precedents for the conduct of Supreme Court proceedings when acting for either a plaintiff or defendant and includes a supplementary enforcement guide, demonstrating the use of precedents guide and 101 subpoena answers reference manual.

From letters of demand and offers of compromise to final hearing, appeals and enforcement, this publication provides focused and practical guidance on procedure and documents and is a must-have for all lawyers acting for clients in the Supreme Court. 

Popular precedents provided with this guide include:

    • Library of letters of demand and example response to letter of demand

    • Example offer of compromise and Calderbank offer

    • Library of example consent orders

    • Example content for seeking injunctive relief

    • Example terms of settlement

    • Example deeds of release

    • Library of events for initiating application

    • Example defence

    • Example content for substituted service, and amending initiating application

    • Example content for interlocutory steps including cross claim, defence to cross claim, summary judgment, summary dismissal, consolidation, security for costs, default judgment, and notice of discontinuance – content for both application and affidavits in support

    • Example interrogatories, and content for setting aside subpoenas and notices to produce

    • Example letter instructing expert witness and enclosing Expert Witness Code of Conduct



$199 AUD + GST

per month - minimum 3 month subscription

Train Your Staff Affordably

Reduce Your Practice Risks

Access on Desktop,
Phone or Tablet